Benefit Plans

Health & Welfare Plan, Pension Plan, and Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan (S.U.B.).

Health & Welfare Plan
Local 67 Welfare Plan includes Regular Welfare, Pensioner’s Welfare and Widow’s Welfare.
(a) The Regular Welfare Plan includes: Life Insurance, Weekly Indemnity Benefit (Short-Term Disability), Long-Term Disability,
       Extended Health Benefits, Dental Benefits and Deluxe Travel.
(b) The Pensioners’ Welfare Plan includes: Life Insurance and Extended Health Benefits.
(c) The Widows’ Welfare Plan includes Extended Health Benefits and Dental Benefits.

Pension Plan
The Pension Plan provides Retirement Income for members and eligible beneficiaries.

Supplementary Unemployment Benefit Plan (S.U.B.)
The S.U.B. Plan supplements the Employment Insurance Benefits and Apprenticeship Trade School.

Members of Local 67 who are:
(a) In good standing with U.A. Local 67 Union, and
(b) Meet the eligibility rules

Please refer to your Benefit Booklet for details.