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Health and Welfare


Joining the plan

To join the plan for the first time you must be a member in good standing with UA Local 67 and have enough employer welfare contributions in your benefits account to pay for three month’s worth of premiums under the plan (currently $945 or 375 hours @ $2.52 / hour).

Coverage starts on the first day of the month following the date you meet the eligibility requirements.

You will be required to submit an enrollment form for the Welfare Plan. CLAIMS WILL NOT BE PAID UNTIL THIS FORM IS COMPLETED AND RETURNED TO THE ADMINISTRATOR’S OFFICE

Maintaining Eligibility

Welfare contributions are paid and submitted by your employer the month after they are earned to the Administrators office.  The rates are set out in the collective agreement; currently at $2.52 per hour.

If you don’t have enough employer contributions to cover the cost of your next month’s premium, you will receive a warning notice from the Administrator’s office.  You will have 2 choices:

  • Maintain your coverage by making a direct payment out of your own pocket.  Payment can be made by cheque, money order, debit, visa, mastercard or online banking.


  • Allow your benefits to lapse.  Your benefits will not be re-instated until you return to work for a contributing employer and accumulate enough welfare dollars to cover two (2) month’s worth of premiums (currently $630 or 250 hours @ $2.52 / hour)

Eligible Dependents

Your spouse and children will be eligible for coverage for dental, extended health and travel benefits.

For the purposes of the UA Local 67 Group Benefits Plan, your spouse is a person of either sex who is living with you and who is either:

  • legally married to you


  • a common law partner.
(a notarized affidavit confirming that you have been in a conjugal relationship for at least 12 months will be required. You can obtain this form from the Administrator’s office.)


The natural, legally adopted, step or foster children of you or your spouse will qualify for coverage under the welfare plan if they are:

  • unmarried


  • dependent on you or your spouse for financial support


  • under the age of 21 (under age 25 if a full time student at a recognized and accredited educational institution). A copy of your dependent’s birth certificate is required.

Coverage will continue after age 21 for unmarried, disabled children who were covered under the plan before the age of 21 and are not able to support themselves because of their mental or physical disability.  You will be required to provide proof of your child’s disability to the Administrators office.

Excess Contributions / Maximum Dollar Bank

You will be allowed to accumulate up to a maximum of 48 months (currently $15,120) worth of monthly premiums in your welfare account.  On December 31st of each year, any funds in excess of this amount will be transferred to the welfare plan’s reserves.

Termination of Coverage

Membership in the UA Local 67 Group Benefits will automatically be terminated on the first of the month after:

  • your membership in UA Local 67 ends


  • you no longer have enough money in your benefits account to pay the cost of one month of coverage and you do not make a direct payment.

Any outstanding claims for extended health and dental must be submitted to Green Shield Canada within 90 of your coverage ending.

Dental prosthetics (bridges, crowns, etc) ordered while you were covered will be reimbursed if they are installed within 90 days of your coverage ending.

Group term life insurance will automatically continue for 31 days from the date of termination of benefits.  You will have the option to convert the group life insurance policy to an individual life insurance policy without providing medical evidence.

Keep the Group Benefits Plan Healthy

Health and dental claims are paid directly from the welfare plan trust fund and are adjudicated and paid by Green Shield Canada.

Each member should take care in helping to keep benefit costs down and protect the welfare plan by:

  • Coordinate your coverage.  If you or your spouse are covered by another plan, let Reliable Admin know.  This will ensure that both plans pay their fair share.
  • Local 67 Group Benefits Plan exists to ensure you and your family have access to affordable healthcare coverage you need.  Use it when you need it, but use it wisely.
  • Shop and compare and spend the plan’s money wisely.